Who We Are

The Massachusetts Ecosystem Climate Adaptation Network - Mass ECAN - is a community of practice for climate adaptation practitioners and researchers who are interested in ecosystem resilience and natural resources conservation.

Across our state, Mass ECAN members are reducing the negative impacts of climate change on ecosystem functionality and services, and biodiversity and species conservation. Other members are interested in where ecosystem resilience intersects with other sectors, such as transportation, or provides co-benefits to our municipalities, such as through nature-based solutions. Members are affiliated with a variety of organizations across academic institutions, non-profits, businesses, and federal, state, regional, and local agencies.

OUr goal

The goal of Mass ECAN is to build community, increase knowledge sharing, and foster collaboration among climate adaptation practitioners and researchers interested in ecosystem resilience and natural resources conservation across Massachusetts.

What we hope to accomplish:

  • advance the field of climate adaptation

  • bring ecosystem resilience & natural resource conservation to the forefront of adaptation action

  • weave ecosystem resilience into action across other adaptation sectors

Join us

We maintain an email list and database of participants to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Ad-hoc expert work groups can form to address particular issues or climate change impacts on specific ecosystems, depending on interest and expertise.

What else we tackle together is up to us.


Mass ECAN is coordinated by UMass Amherst Department of Environmental Conservation and UMass Extension.